Day 2 of the 8Way

Morning folks on day 2 of the 8way UK Nationals. The weather is finally playing ball and although windy, it's within limits and we've got the blue skies we ordered! Everyone has done round 2 and we are really hoping to plow through the rounds now!

Standby until 16:30

It's not the news you wanted to hear, but the dropzone is on hold until 16:30 due to strong winds. The forecast does say it will drop then, so fingers crossed.

The 8way Begins

Hi everybody, welcome to part 2 of the UK Nationals where we host the event in 8way formation skydiving. We're hoping for some good weather over the weekend, however, there is some wind predicted for tomorrow. Fingers crossed, the forecast is wrong!

This year, in the senior category we have 4 teams fighting it out including an interesting close predicted battle between MicroClim8 (who have won it the last few years, but have changed 4 teams members and only done a grand total of 28 training jumps), then Hib local team Groomed who are in their second season and have been training. Then lastly, we have team Skywars, who have members of Project Ride the Dragon who many of you will remember took silver last year. In the Intermediate class, there's only one team sadly, but they are another Hib local team who have come up the rankings after competing in the Rookie in 2018.

So here's the draw for the event and a few snaps of the team preparing for 9am tomorrow:

Videos Online

It's the beginning of day 2 and there's been a lot of adventure after the perfect day yesterday. We did 80 lifts yesterday and 1183 actual skydives - great stats which allowed us to complete round 6 of the AAA and VFS advanced, round 5 for the Rookie, A & AA, VFS Intermediate and 2way.

One of the surprises for the 4-way is team 4Mula who did a grand total of 19 training jumps before coming here and whilst you may have heard that name for many years in the past, it's changed its lineup considerably since then. 4Mula are in 4th place, but only 4 points behind Chimera in the bronze. We can't remember the last time a scratch team vied for a podium position.

In the VFS Advanced, there's only 2 teams this year, however they are both well trained and strong. Omni 99 are in the lead with a 10 point gap, but in the world of VFS that gap can easily change with one bad round.

The weather is perfect today, so we are hoping to finish the meet this afternoon somethime. Fingers crossed!

In the mean time, if you want to see some of the judged vids from the competition, we've created a playlist here:

It's not complete, but we're doing our best to upload as many as we can.

Day 1

First up this morning with the beautiful blue skies is the AAA. There's lots of smiling faces and with the draw, it's a middle of the road speed type jump (2, H 7). NFTO and Eros (both who have done over 200 jumps this year) have equalled at the top with 21 in time. And just behind them are Langar locals, Chimera.

Here's some shots of various teams preparing to go up: