End Of Day 1

All we can say is wow today. The weather has been amazing and the lions share of the competition has already been completed. All the Freefly and Freestyle rounds have been completed, so they will be having a mini party tonight after the judges have caught up. The Speed Skydiving have only 1 round to go and the 8-way have 2 rounds left to go. The Hibaldstow machine has really worked well today and did an incredible 64 loads!

In the Freefly A, team Varial have already won it 3 rounds left to judge. Their free round has been amazing to watch scoring a consistent 8.6 to 8.7 which is pretty competitive at a world level. Team Parallel are in second place and doing well with new cameraman Chris Cooke who used to be camera for 8-way team MicroClim8. Nice to see him working hard at a new discipline.

There is also exciting news in the Speed Skydiving scene. Max Hurd has just set a new UK record of 559km/h, that's 349mph average! New kid on the block Matthew Byrne has also scored 3 rounds over the 500km/h mark as well.

Tomorrow, it's wheels off at 9am.

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