The Nationals Are Just Around The Corner

It's not long now until the most exciting event of the year begins! In our opinion. We love the buzz of all the UK National Championships disciplines. So we wanted to check with you all that you are ready and registered for the competition. Don't forget to complete your team paperwork, pay your entry fees and have your docs up-to-date before you arrive.

This year we are offering an early-bird registration which closes at 5pm tomorrow for the 4-way and VFS competition. This drops the registration fee from £50 down to £35, so it's defo worth doing! Next week, the registration for 8-way, Artistics and Speed all close on Wednesday 29th August.

This year, we have Julia Swallow of Satori XL fame who will be on hand during the 4-way to help you all out with free coaching. She'll be hanging around the dropzone, so just ask for help if you want it.

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